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Tehran, Tehran

RO is a team of safari experts, adventurers and tour guides. Since 2009, we have organized more than 100 eco-friendly safari adventures into the heart of Iran’s nature, especially its deserts. We have pioneered sustainable explorations of Iran’s most pristine desert and mountains, including in Lut and Rig-e Jen Desert and the Alborz Mountain Range. Thanks to years of experience in Iran’s diverse nature and culture, we have found unique campsites, viewpoints and routes to design truly authentic travel experiences.

RO's Highlights


Central desert expedition

4 to 7 days

Exploring both nature and culture of central parts of Iran will take us all the way into most pristine deserts which has not been crossed by humans until few years ago. We will learn how people in the vast neighboring desert brought water and civilization to a few remote villages and named it Mesr Desert. [Read more...]

Rig-e Jen Expedition

4 days

Experience the feeling of exploring a desert which people historically believed that it could not be crossed. Since “Rig-Jen” is an area of different types of dunes which are mostly moving on top of the vast mud lands of the Central Desert, even the oldest caravans avoided the borders of this desert. [Read more...]

Iran above 3000 meters

1 to 10 days

As experienced explorers of the Alborz Range, we know its nicest routes to the best viewpoints to see the “ocean of clouds” from our rest chairs in front of our tents. Depending on your time, interest and budget, we can arrange a mountain safari journey for you in these unique viewpoints from one to ten days. [Read more...]


Damavand and lar protected area

1 to 2 days

This safari will take you to the foothills of Damavand, with an elevation of 5610m the highest peak of Iran.  We will explore Lar Protected Area and its nice lake and some of the national heritage sites in the Central Alborz Mountain Range like Div-e Asiab water source. [Read more...]