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Tehran, Tehran

RO is a team of safari experts, adventurers and tour guides. Since 2009, we have organized more than 100 eco-friendly safari adventures into the heart of Iran’s nature, especially its deserts. We have pioneered sustainable explorations of Iran’s most pristine desert and mountains, including in Lut and Rig-e Jen Desert and the Alborz Mountain Range. Thanks to years of experience in Iran’s diverse nature and culture, we have found unique campsites, viewpoints and routes to design truly authentic travel experiences.

Glimps of Lut and Central Desert with four main cities of Iran

(21 days)


Get a glimpse of the world’s most pristine deserts and Iran’s principal cultural centers all in one trip. Join us in exploring Rig-e Jen and Lut Desert, which have not been walked by humans until a few years ago. Experience the pulse of Tehran, Isfahan, Shiraz, Yazd and learn how their climates have shaped their culture and history.

Duration: 21 days

Categories: Classic + Expedition + Culture

Adventure rating: 5/5

Group size: min 2, max 12

Possible Months: October to April

Best Months: November to March

Physical Demands: Guests must be able to walk for 3 hours without feeling tired

We are committed to introducing our guests to the nature and culture of Iran and show them our country’s diversity as much as possible. Our guests will experience an expedition through the world’s most pristine deserts which had not been  walked by humans until few years ago:  Lut and Rig-e Jen. We will see how people in the vast deserts bring the water to their remote villages, techniques which helped create the first civilizations in the region many years ago.  We will follow the history of old abandoned routes and villages to the four main cities of Iran. We will understand why Tehran, Isfahan, Shiraz and Yazd, are so different cities in the terms of culture, architecture and even language.



Camp x 6,  Caravanserai x 5,  Hotel x 10


Visiting Lut and Rig-e Jen, two of the world's most pristine deserts.

Visiting most important cities of Iran (Isfahan, Shiraz, Yazd and Tehran) all in one trip.

Visiting beautiful desert villages of Iran deserts with their distinct history and stories.

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Flight ticket

Travel insurance


Airport transfers

1  person tent

Optional activities (Camel riding, Quad bike riding, Sand boarding and ...)

What we provide for you:

Fully equipped 4x4 safari vehicle

All camping and cooking equipment

Vegetarian food (up on request)

2 person tents with mattress

Announced meals, snacks and drinks

Extra supplies for emergency situatuins

All road tolls and vehicle taxes

All ground transportations