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Tehran, Tehran

RO is a team of safari experts, adventurers and tour guides. Since 2009, we have organized more than 100 eco-friendly safari adventures into the heart of Iran’s nature, especially its deserts. We have pioneered sustainable explorations of Iran’s most pristine desert and mountains, including in Lut and Rig-e Jen Desert and the Alborz Mountain Range. Thanks to years of experience in Iran’s diverse nature and culture, we have found unique campsites, viewpoints and routes to design truly authentic travel experiences.


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I traveled alone as a woman through Iran...

Kian B

Name: Wided Bouchrika

Country: United Kingdom

I traveled alone as a woman through Iran for a couple of weeks and it was one of the greatest trips of my life. The best part was my stay in Central Desert: away from the rustle and bustle from the cities (and the self inflicted pressure of needing to see everything in such a culturally rich country), relaxed and quiet in a desert oasis. I had come down with the flu (imported from the London office), but I am so glad that I was well enough to go on a desert tour with Kian! He knows the landscape by heart and can cruise through the desert dunes in pitch black while telling you about the local fauna and flora. We drove up to a salt lake and got a natural face mask for fun. We looked for crystals in the sand. We walked over the dunes to see the sunset and had a lovely pick nick, listening to music and looking at the stars waiting for the moon to appear and guide us back home through the night. Kian told us so much about the desert and nature and it made me realize how out of touch with nature we've got. It was really nice to get down to earth quite literally. An adventurous, exciting and eye opening experience I highly recommend! (And will probably go back for on my next trip to Iran, a country I feel I haven't had enough of just yet!)